What is the ATOM Qld Portal?

The ATOM Qld Portal provides a single point of access to ATOM Queensland's data collections, resources and courses relating to media education. It merges the old ATOM Qld Member areas, resource pages, and forums into one location. Files and resources from those old areas will be moved over to the ATOM Qld Portal.

Who can access the portal?

The ATOM Qld Portal is available to anyone who registers an account. The bulk of the information (resources, courses) are only accessible to ATOM Qld Members.

I'm already a member. How do I log in?

We will be moving all current member accounts over to this new portal as soon as possible. You will receive an email, and we will update this page to let everyone know once we have finished the initial setup of the portal.

What is the ETA on availability of the portal?

At this stage we're hoping to have the new portal setup and have everyone moved over by Feb 1, 2019. As soon as it's done, we will email everyone on our email list and all current members to let you know that the portal is live.